Our Youth Department

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Our youth department continues to grow on Wednesday nights and we are seeing new faces almost every week. Kudos to our students who are inviting their friends to church to hear God's word.


We have an awesome group of youth who are striving to live out their faith on a daily basis. Change is in the wind but with change comes the opportunity to grow God's Kingdom. The Jesus train is rolling and I hope everyone is ready to jump on board and be all that Christ has called us to be.  As always it is an honor and privilege to serve alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ and I look forward to working with each of you as we seek to serve our savior the one who loved us and gave his life for us.



Students/Christian Education



Top 20 Ways To Live The Christian Life

Romans 12:9

1) Love others without pretense

2) Hate what is wrong and stand for what is good

3) Honor one another with more than words

4) Serve God with enthusiasm and hard work

5) Rejoice in God’s plan for your life

6) Be patient in times of trouble

7) Be prayerful in all things

8) Help those in need and those less fortunate

9) Be Hospitable

10) Pray for those who curse you

11) Rejoice in the happiness of others and share in their times of sorrow

12) Work well with others

13) Be humble and do not think to highly of ones self

14) Enjoy the company of ordinary people

15) Never pay back evil for evil

16) Be as honest as the day is long

17) Be at peace with everyone

18) Never seek revenge against those who have wronged you

19) Treat your enemies with kindness

20) Conquer evil by doing good



Pastor Jered Day